Gesund im Urlaub - Hotel Salzburger Hof in Zauchensee
Gesund im Urlaub - Hotel Salzburger Hof in Zauchensee
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Healthy Holiday in the Hotel Salzburger Hof

Your Health Benefits in the 4 Star Superior Hotel

Symbioceuticals HarmonizerCard & Allergy Desensitization

Enjoy good food without a bad conscience – True to this motto, you will dine at Hotel Salzburger Hof with the Symbioceuticals HarmonizerCard. Simply place your drink or meal on top of the card for about 90 seconds prior to consuming. During these 90 seconds, the nutritional information field of the food is altered. Your foods and beverages become more digestible and wholesome, more “bio-available”.

Your Benefits with the HarmonizerCard
  • Important nutrients in meals are absorbed and utilized by your body
  • Harmonization of food and drinks takes just 90 seconds
  • In combination with a desensitization program with a therapist, sustained success is possible
Your Benefits at the Salzburger Hof
  • Symbioceuticals HarmonizerCard for the entire duration of your stay at Hotel Salzburger Hof
  • Personal support from a professional therapist at the hotel
  • Noticeable success even after the first treatment
  • Sumptuous, healthy dishes, numerous all-inclusives & SKY SPA wellness area

Foods may not be wrapped in, or served on metal. Molecular changes in the food may result in a change of flavor: Carbonated drinks and coffee are often perceived as milder in flavor. Have we sparked your interest? Ask at the reception about the HarmonizerCard for your holidays!

Your Benefits in the Hotel Salzburger Hof
  • Our tip: Just try it – you’ll be amazed!
  • During your stay we will provide you the Harmonizer CARD free of charge.
  • You can also order the card for € 79,– for private use.
  • Do you want to reserve the card for your stay or do you have questions? – Send us an email:
Symbio Harmonizer Card

EPD®-Health Weeks

Cleanse, detoxify, lose weight & feel on top of the world

For all guests who want to make the holiday especially health-conscious and without hunger, we offer our EPD-detoxification weeks.

Thanks to the Swiss EPD® nutritional program. You don’t have to starve yourself: Every hour, you will eat delicious foods that supply your body with an ideal mixture of the most important nutrients. In addition, you will enjoy personalized support from our hotel’s own therapist, interesting presentations on health themes, as well as an exercise and activity program along with glorious hours of rejuvenation in our SKY SPA wellness area.

What is the EPD nutritional program?
  • EPD isn’t a diet, but rather a gentle form of nutrition which regulates the metabolism
  • Wellness, exercise and relaxation restore balance to body and mind
  • Every hour, you will enjoy small, healthy snacks to optimize metabolism and minimize blood-sugar fluctuations
Your Health Benefits
  • Healthy, long-lasting weight loss without any annoying yoyo effects
  • Stable blood-sugar levels and well-regulated digestion
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Lower blood-sugar and cholesterol levels
  • No muscle loss, counting calories or feelings of hunger
  • Interesting talks & enjoyable program of sports and exercise

Have we sparked your interest? If you have questions, please contact the Mayrhofer family who, incidentally, personally take part in an EPD week at least once a year. Our holiday experts will also be glad to tell you more about our health weeks (in the months of April, June, September & December), during which you will benefit from numerous all-inclusives at the hotel!

Health Week “Healthy start into the winter”

At the moment we are still planning for the next health week in winter.

Health Week “Fit for the summer” &
Health Week “Healthy autumn”

23th June till 30th June 2018

1st till 8th September 2018

from € 895,-

Book now your healthy holiday!

MEMON Technology: The Solution for Electro Smog

The memonizers used at the Salzburger Hof neutralize electro smog and thereby optimize the room climate, reduce fine particles in the air and renature tap water.

Nowadays, we are increasingly exposed to manmade environmental pollution. Above all, electromagnetic fields produced by technology adversely impact our bodies, as shown by over 1800 scientific studies about wireless communication alone (source: Bioniniative Report 2012).

memon technology is used by us at the Salzburger Hof successfully. Because the challenge for us as hoteliers, is to offer a harmonious and healthy room climate to our guests – despite the increasing role of technology. Many people feel the effects immediately. They report of significantly more relaxed sleep and attest to the improved water quality in the pool, as well as softer water in general.

We pay a price for technological advancements: Many people suffer from sleep disorders, are stressed, chronically exhausted and are barely able to rest completely. Which in turn makes regeneration phases and genuine timeouts for the body, mind and spirit even more important. We look forward to offering you such an oasis of relaxation. Modern technologies, yes – risks no.

The SALUSMED® Stress Check

In addition to an unforgettable ski & feel-good holiday, you can also allow us to conduct the SALUSMED® Stress Check here at 4-star-superior Hotel Salzburger Hof.

Learn more about:

  • Your personal stress level
  • Your resilience and performance levels
  • The ratio between your tension and recuperative phases
  • The quality of your sleep
  • The influence of your heart rhythm on your entire wellbeing
  • Early burn-out awareness and prevention
  • Ways out of the vicious cycle of stress, sleep disorders and chronic fatigue
What is measured and how?

With the aid of an HRV monitor, in other words a “mini computer” inconspicuously attached to your body, your so-called Heartrate Variability (HRV) is recorded as a measure of your body’s ability to regulate itself. All physical and exercise activities, as well as periods of rest and sleep, are monitored and data compiled for 24 hours. This will then be used to present you with a detailed evaluation of your personal stress profile.

With respect to existing complaints, stress, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, performance deficiencies etc., we can also determine your personal status by observing micronutrients (antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements, minerals). Potential deficits – as well as imbalances between tension and relaxation phases, pinpointed by means of HRV analysis – can be positively influenced by means of an individually tailored, natural blend of micronutrients. We offer you this modern analysis in cooperation with our partner SALUSMED®.

The SALUSMED® Stress Check includes:

  • Personal introductory consultation
  • 24-hour HRV monitoring incl. evaluation report
  • Discussion of results with our medical wellness coaches
  • Analysis of functional micronutrient status
  • Recommendation of a customized micronutrient formula

Price: € 120 per person


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