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Purification weeks with EPD program – exclusive at our hotel to start fit in the autumn!

Did you know, that…


…you will eat every hour snacks at this program?


…you will get therapeutical care and an expert will be at disposal for you questions?


Andrea & Sebastian Mayrhofer have already tested the program for you?


…the active program also includes a guided tour with Andrea Mayrhofer?


Sebastian Mayrhofer will show you the area on sunday and will give you also some excellent recommendations?


EPD®-Diet programm –  what’s this?


The EPD program was developed in Switzerland and it’s aim is to eat small, delicious snacks every hour so your body will receive the perfect mix between protein, fat and carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts as well as trace elements. As a result your blood sugar variations will decrease, the release of insulin will be regulated, and the fat burning stimulated.
A EPD course of treatment is not a strict diet, but a gentle optimization of your metabolism. At the same time it is a basis for sustainable weight loss with noticeable well-being and live quality.


At the sporty program you will be mostly in the nature, by mountain bike or with Nordic walking sticks. You can refuel you body with a lot of fresh air and you will feel balanced.


Also the hosts will be included in this program. They will make a guided hiking tour and a guided Smovey-Walking-Tour with you. Host Sebastian Mayrhofer, will start on Sunday with the Gamskogel chair lift into the mountains, to show you the perfect view over the hiking paradise Zauchensee. He will give you a huge amount of information about the hiking trips and also let you know some insiders’ tip.


His wife Andrea Mayrhofer, will invite you during the week to take part at a Smovey-Walking tour throught the beautiul landscape in and around Zauchensee.


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