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Active Kids - Relaxed Parents

Relaxed before the vacation. Afterward. And definitely in the middle of it.

Parents are usually really laid-back with us. By the time they put on their face masks in the hotel spa, they can focus on nothing but relaxation. And for the kids, thanks to activities and childcare, there are always plenty of opportunities to make new friends in our small mountain village of Zauchensee - at the most beautiful end of the beginning - at 1,350 meters.

Care for the kids, relaxation for you.

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We do (almost) everything to make sure you can relax while your kids stay active. Indoors, depending on their patience, the little ones switch between 'gourmet' and 'active kids.' Outdoors, they are just kids again, and we're here to take care of them. While you enjoy your well-deserved peace and relaxation, we provide services like picking them up from ski school, having lunch with them, exploring the mountains, or having fun in the children's paradise.

Well-Cared-for Kids

Relaxing Parental Time at Salzburger Hof

Balanced and Pampered: Activities, Delight, and Relaxation All Around

Discover the boundless opportunities available to you as relaxed parents at Hotel Salzburger Hof! While your children are well cared for, we invite you to explore a world of indulgence and activities.

Immerse yourself in our Wellness SKY SPA and pamper yourself with a variety of soothing massages and luxurious cosmetic treatments. Feel the tension melt away, and your mind find tranquility. Our sauna area, complete with cozy relaxation zones, offers you an oasis of serenity.

For our gourmet enthusiasts, we offer a culinary experience with special regional dishes of the highest quality. End the day at the hotel bar and stylishly conclude it with a refreshing cocktail or a fine glass of wine.

The breathtaking mountain landscape surrounding Zauchensee provides you with numerous opportunities to explore the beauty of nature and collect unforgettable moments, both in winter and summer. And for relaxed planning of your next family adventure, we, as your holiday coaches, are happy to provide tips!

At Hotel Salzburger Hof, we aim to provide you with memorable moments as relaxed parents. Take what you need, be it active or relaxed, in the right balance, of course.

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High-Level Culinary Delights

Culinary Diversity at the Salzburger Hof

Our cuisine at the Salzburger Hof leaves no culinary desires unfulfilled. Experience a world of modern and diverse flavors that make your culinary dreams come true. We offer a gastronomic journey that ranges from international delicacies to traditional home-style cooking.
Professional service in dealing with you as a guest is just as important to us as the highest quality in gourmet cuisine and in our wine cellar - our haven for wine lovers and connoisseurs.

More culinary highlights
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