Host family from the Hotel Salzburger Hof

Family Tradition at Salzburger Hof

Holiday Memories to Cherish

At Salzburger Hof, tradition and innovation come together. Our family has been running the hotel for three generations, passing down the values and passion for the hospitality industry. This is reflected in everything, from our warm hospitality to the high-quality amenities.

Vacationing with a Clear Conscience
at Salzburger Hof

We Care About Sustainability

Grateful for what nature has given us, we are committed to being mindful of it at Family Hotel Salzburger Hof. We place great importance on sustainability and environmental protection. We invest in innovative technologies to reduce emissions, and our certificate for heat recovery demonstrates our dedication to sustainability and environmental protection.

At Salzburger Hof, we have implemented a patented optimization method from the company Schartner, which allows each hotel guest to achieve about 6% lower CO2 production with the same consumption. By using renewable energy sources such as biomass and electricity from hydropower plants, every guest can be sure to contribute to environmental protection during their stay.

Since 2010, our entire heating system has been powered by biomass from the region, and we have completely eliminated the use of heating oil, saving 40,000 liters of heating oil each year. The electricity we source is also generated from renewable energy, with hydropower plants in the region providing the power. Our cooling systems are integrated into a combined system that uses the released heat to minimize energy consumption. Our ventilation system works similarly, with energy-saving inverters.

With our new project "Zauchensee Mountain Spring Water," we have perfectly combined health, sustainability, and philanthropy. You can enjoy healthy water and mineral water from the local mountain spring. By reducing unnecessary transport routes, we also reduce our carbon footprint.

Cows on the slope, valley with village and mountains in the background

Family-Owned Farm
in Radstadt

Local Farming

Our family-owned farm, Taxerhof, in Radstadt supplies our hotel with in-house and local products of the highest quality. It is our aim to delight our guests with high-quality products used in the preparation of our delicious dishes as part of the gourmet board. Experience the high quality of our homemade specialties - a taste sensation you won't forget!

Our farm & regionality

Active and Relaxed:
The Right Balance

We Thrive on Striking the Balance

Time is endlessly precious. Having it means true happiness. During your summer and winter holidays at Salzburger Hof in Zauchensee - Altenmarkt, you can enjoy carefree moments and pamper yourself. Experience your ski vacation right on the slopes or your hiking vacation in the heart of the Pongau hiking area and unwind in the SKY SPA of the 4-star superior hotel.

At the wellness hotel in the Salzburger Land, there are various energy and relaxation zones, each with a breathtaking view of the splendid mountain landscapes and the scenery in Zauchensee. Whether reading, listening to music, or daydreaming, it feels like time stands still – just as it should be during a vacation. The wellness offerings at the 4-star superior Salzburger Hof complete your wellness vacation in Zauchensee.

We love to balance our lives. Would you like to join us? It's not as difficult as it may seem. Being active makes relaxation afterward much easier. We simply provide you with the best of both worlds. Be active today and completely relaxed tomorrow – in the sauna, during a spa treatment, at the bar while the kids are peacefully asleep. You can easily configure your own balance act or let our holiday coaches put together a program for you based on the motto "make a wish." Get what you need whenever you want.
Explore all our Active and Relax offers here.

Skis on a slope in front of a mountain panoramaWoman sitting in bathtub, man at the edge of the tub, both holding champagne and smiling at each other
Health – A Hot Topic at Salzburger Hof

Your Extra Dose of Health

We may not be health zealots, but we still like to keep things "healthy." Our guests feel the same way. That's why we carefully incorporate this extra dose of "health" into your hotel and vacation routine. Into your accommodation and dining. Our harmonized spaces free of electromagnetic pollution and fine particulate matter or metal-free mattresses - healthy. The food and fresh mountain spring water - healthy. The nature, the fresh mountain air, the whispers of the forest - healthy. But then, that's not something new.