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Regionality & Sustainability at the Hotel

Culinary Delights from the Region

At the Salzburger Hof Hotel, we place a strong emphasis on culinary delight. We source many of our ingredients from our family-owned farm in Radstadt and other regional partners. We aim to provide our guests with a unique taste experience and pamper you with delicious dishes in our culinary package.

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Our Family-Farming in Radstadt

Culinary Delights Rooted in the Region

Thanks to our family farm at Taxerhof in Radstadt and our regional partners, we can guarantee you a selection of exquisite dishes. Our culinary masterpieces are characterized by freshness and quality, reflecting Austrian cuisine. Our meat comes from animals that live in the idyllic surroundings of Taxerhof and graze on the alpine meadows of Zauchensee during the summer. This is also where we source fresh cow's milk directly from the barn for your breakfast.

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Sourced Fresh from the Region - Straight to Your Plate

Regional Delights at Salzburger Hof

At the Salzburger Hof Hotel, we place a great emphasis on regional products. Our chef, Frank, carefully selects the ingredients and prepares them with great attention to detail. Our partners are primarily local farmers who produce with dedication and passion. By doing so, we support the farmers, our region, and the local economy. Discover the diversity of regional specialties and savor them. The use of local products not only leads to better-quality dishes but also promotes awareness of sustainability and regional sourcing.

Moments of pleasure at Salzburger Hof
Our Regional Products

Local Delicacies - Knowing Where They Come From

Fresh herb abundance from the garden in summer

In our small herb garden, you'll find rosemary, thyme, lovage, mint, parsley, and chives flourishing. Enjoy the incomparable flavor of these aromatic treasures in our dishes

Chef decorates dish with sprig of rosemary

Healthy Refreshment

Begin your day with our homemade smoothies and juices, such as our delightful apple-carrot juice. A perfect energy boost for your mountain adventures!

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Eggs from the Heart

Our eggs come from the happy chickens of the Weinau Farmer, the Pölzleitner family from Annaberg in the region. They are not only a highlight at breakfast but also the secret ingredient in many of our dishes, whether used in making spätzle or in our pastry creations.

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Regional Breakfast Delight

Our breakfast is freshly prepared by our talented breakfast chef and includes egg specialties made with eggs from the region in our show kitchen. We also serve a platter with select local cheese varieties, bacon, sausages, and ham.

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Dairy Products from the Salzburg Region and our Family Farm Taxerhof

Try our yogurts, milk, whey, and curd cheese – all sourced from 'Salzburg Land Milch,' made from the milk of happy Salzburg cows and their farmers. The best part in summer: you can also enjoy milk from our family-owned farm, Taxerhof, directly from the alpine pastures in Zauchensee!

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Cheese Variety

Many of the delights on our cheese platter come from 'Bio aus dem Tal,' a cooperative of three organic farmers from the neighboring Kleinarltal. And the goat cheese for some of our starters or vegetarian main courses is from farmer Rosi here in Altenmarkt. You can taste the quality in every bite.

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Calling all meat lovers

Our flavorful beef and veal specialties come from the family-run Taxerhof. Additionally, locally sourced game meat ensures an authentic taste experience.

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High-proof Pleasure

Taste our fine spirits from the region and savor the full flavor of the Alps in every sip.

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Welcome wine enthusiasts

Discover Austrian wine specialties with an international touch that perfectly complement our regional delicacies. Certified sommelier and host Sebastian Mayrhofer personally tastes all wines before purchasing and takes pride in the special selection of exquisite wines and rarities stored in the Salzburger Hof wine cellar.

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Pure spring water from Zauchensee

Enjoy the refreshing Zauchensee mountain spring water throughout the hotel, which flows at the base of Strimskogel and is proven to have very high quality and excellent detoxifying properties. Furthermore, with our new project to mineralize and enrich Zauchensee spring water with magnesium on-site, we've been able to perfectly combine health, sustainability, and charity. This environmentally friendly initiative reduces unnecessary transportation and waste associated with bottled mineral water, benefitting the environment. Additionally, we donate to BWT's drinking water well project in Africa for each carafe.

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