Family standing at the breakfast buffet while the cook prepares eggs

Kids cuisine at the Salzburger Hof

Enjoyment for both: gourmet kids and active kids

We firmly believe that food should not only be a necessity but also a pleasure – even for our youngest guests. In this section of our hotel, everything revolves around the culinary delights and joys we have specially created for children. Our 'Gourmet-Kids' and little adventurers are welcomed here with open arms.

Gourmet-Kids & Active-Kids

"Gourmet Kids" - Giving Little Gourmets Special Attention

They may be small, but they're certainly no less demanding than our adult guests. That's why we treat our young visitors like 'full-grown' gourmets and affectionately call them 'Gourmet Kids.' So, you might be surprised when your little ones turn out to be more 'gourmet' than 'active' and sit down to thoroughly evaluate the child-friendly adult menu. And, of course, they taste the fruity grape juice just like adults do, in their very own wine glasses.

"Active Kids." A whole evening at the table?
We prefer to be realistic...

And that makes one thing clear to us: Not every child has so much 'sitting endurance.' Some can only spare a few minutes of their valuable playtime for quickly slurping up spaghetti. We affectionately call them 'Active Kids.' And we provide them with a kids' buffet. And for some fidgety ones, suddenly it's not so bad to sit with Mom and Dad when they have our coloring pages. Wanna bet? And if not, the next (supervised) activities in the hotel are already waiting.

Family sitting at the breakfast table in the hotelChildren play in the indoor playroom
Family sits at a table in a restaurant, service employee pours wine

Culinary Freedom: Buffet or Set Menu

Flexible Options for Our Youngest Gourmets

Pleasure for Both: Active Kids and Gourmet Kids
We understand how diverse the taste buds of our youngest guests can be. Most days, they prefer familiar and beloved children's meals. That's why we offer a specially prepared children's buffet filled with delicious dishes every day. At the same time, our little gourmets are free to try the adult menu and explore the variety of our cuisine. Should parents want to enjoy the evening in peace and savor their meal a bit longer, no problem! Our loving and experienced childcare provider is available in the hotel until 9:00 PM to ensure that your children have as much fun as you do.